Blasting processes

The surface preparation suitable for coating requires special attention, as residues such as oxides (rust), connection layers from nitriding processes, eroded skin, damaged surfaces due to hard turning and hard milling, etc. negatively impact the adhesion of the functional layer. This must be avoided at all costs! 

For optimal surface preparation, we use wet and dry blasting methods with different blasting media, particle shapes, and particle sizes. 


Plant technology: 

Micro-blasting machine (injector beam method) 

Working mass: 1300 mm x 800 mm x 800 mm 

Fine-grained and defined with regards to grain geometry, grain size, and grain hardness blasting media can be evenly applied to different surfaces, for example metal parts, for cleaning, rust removal, microdeburring, roughening, and lapping. 

The micro-blasting method is used when the desired blasting intensity must not be too high, when punctual blasting and uniform blasting of smaller surfaces is required. 

The micro-blasting method provides reproducible surfaces and no foreign particles are introduced into the process. 

The creation of decorative surfaces is possible, as well as a targeted increase in the supporting component for technical processes. 

Abrasive blasting machine (pressure beam method) 

Working mass: 1300 mm x 800 mm x 800 mm