Our SERVICE is written in capital letters!

Below is a selection of our services:

  • Comprehensive advice:
    We support you in selecting the base material, the appropriate heat treatment and the optimal design of the surface and coating for the respective special application.
  • Pick-Up Service:
    We pick up your tool, coat it for you and transport it back to you. 
  • Order tracking (in development:
    So you always know where your tool entrusted to us is located! 
  • Order acceptance via web service (in development):
    A login mask will be stored on our website where you can log in as a customer and write an order at any time of the day or night.
  • Order imports via CSV, XML or TXT file (in development):
    As our customer, you provide us with a CSV, XML or TXT file with the information for a new order, which can be read in by our ERP software.