Removal and recoating of coatings offer the opportunity to reuse tools multiple times and reduce the costs of new production.  

In the case of PVD coated tools, the microstructure of the substrate material is not influenced due to the low coating temperature, making it possible to recoat the tool multiple times.  

However, a prerequisite for a successful recoating of a tool is the residue-free removal of the worn layer. 

Wet chemical decoating 

Titanium-based layers can be removed without residue in special decoating baths without affecting the surfaces. 

Chrome-based layers are chemically inert and therefore more difficult to remove. The decoated surfaces may be slightly etched. 

In addition to the gentle wet chemical decoating options, there is also mechanical decoating through abrasive blasting for particularly stubborn residues. On polished surfaces, roughness will increase. These may then have to be repolished if necessary.