PVD coating

PVD stands for "Physical Vapour Deposition“.

The Arc method is a commonly used Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process for depositing nitride hard coatings in industry.

In the Arc method, a high-purity metal such as titanium or chromium is evaporated by an electric arc and reacts with the reaction gas in a high vacuum to deposit a thin, extremely durable and hard wear protection layer on the substrate surface.

This PVD process is the final step in optimizing tools before they are used in the production process, and the low process temperature below 500°C ensures no influence on the microstructure of the tool steels, no deformation or hardness drop. For special low-alloy materials or non-ferrous metals, a further reduction in coating temperature is possible.

Advanced plant technology enables the deposition of duplex and hybrid coatings.


Materials that can be PVD coated:

  1. Conductive materials
  2. Temperature and heat-resistant > 500°C (process temperature)

Examples: Cold- and hot-working steels, high-speed steels, powder metallurgical steels, hardening steels, corrosion-resistant steels and hard metal

On request:

  1. Low-alloy steels
  2. Reinforced tools
  3. Screwed or pressed tools
  4. Welded tools
  5. Soldered parts: solder must be vacuum- and temperature-resistant
  6. Removal of foreign layers

Contact us, we have special solutions for the mentioned tools.

PVD coatable surfaces:

  • Metallic bright
  • Free of grooves
  • Adapted surface roughness, e.g. polished surfaces Rz < 2 µm for forming tools
  • Free of rust and color residues
  • Free of bonding layer and erosion layer
  • Free of plastic residues

Contact us, we are happy to support you in the optimal preparation of the surface for perfect layer adhesion!

Charging of tools:

  • 1-time rotation
  • 2-time rotation
  • 3-time rotation

For optimal layer distribution in the functional area, please send us a drawing.

Process temperature:  < 500°C

Layer thickness:  1-8 µm depending on the application

Please take care of corrosion protection and appropriate packaging to prevent damage during transportation.

Advantages of the PVD coating process


The positive influence on the tribological properties leads to a significantly longer service life of your tools and components.

Cost reduction

By extending the life of your tools, your costs will be significantly reduced!


The durability of tools and components significantly reduces the maintenance effort and downtime.

Wear protection

PVD coatings protect the surface from abrasive and adhesive wear and can improve corrosion resistance.